About Us

About Us
About Sleep and Snore Solutions

Sleep and Snore Solutions is a dedicated sleep therapy centre supporting patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) and other sleep disorders. Sleep apnoea is a debilitating condition, affecting not only the patient’s physical sleep but his or her emotional and mental well‑being. Our mission is simple – to help people suffering from sleep disorders to get a good night’s sleep, every night!
How We Help
We have the tools and knowledge to help people suffering from a wide range of sleep disorders:
  • Fully trained and qualified sleep therapists with the clinical knowledge and compassion to help you find the sleep solution that works for you.
  • Personalised support throughout the program.
  • A flexible trial program that allows you to find the appropriate sleep solution.
  • The widest range of CPAP equipment, masks, humidifiers and accessories in the South West, including products from leading manufacturers such as ResMed, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and Phillips.
  • A wide range of resources to help you understand your diagnosis and treatment.
  • Constant updates to your referring doctor throughout the treatment program.
  • A connection with Air Liquide Healthcare WA and the Department of Veteran Affairs.
Every patient is different, and we are committed to working with each one to find the best solution and treatment option for that patient. About half the people who undertake this treatment fail, and we are dedicated to reducing that number in the only way we know how: by providing constant support and assistance to our patients.

Reclaim your good night’s rest today. Contact us to learn more about our treatment options and to get started.
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