CPAP Humidifiers

CPAP Humidifiers
Many people have difficulty sticking with their treatment because CPAP machines can cause dryness and congestion. However, this is a problem that can be easily solved. We offer humidifiers to go along with your CPAP machine. With the right humidifier, you’ll get a more comfortable experience that makes it easier for you to stick with your treatment plan.
How It Works

While you breathe, your nose and upper airway add moisture and warm the air before it enters your lungs. When you use a CPAP machine, air is constantly entering your nasal cavity and throat in order to prevent them from collapsing. This can lead to those spaces drying out, but a humidifier can help. The humidifier will make the air more moist, preventing dryness and congestion. It can also prevent the nasal resistance that leads to mouth-breathing and leaks.

Learn more about our different humidifiers and how they can give you a more comfortable CPAP experience. Contact us today to learn all of the details.
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