CPAP Trials

CPAP Trials
The best way to determine if CPAP therapy is right for you is to have a CPAP trial. We will assist you from start to finish in this trial. The goal is to allow you to find an effective, comfortable way to get a good night’s sleep.
What’s Involved

The process starts with getting a treatment plan from your sleep physician. Once you have this plan in hand, we’ll organise a four-week CPAP therapy trial for you.

During the initial consultation, we’ll fit you with the most appropriate equipment for your needs. This will include a mask, CPAP machine and possibly a humidifier. Our experienced therapists can help you find the mask that is best for your needs and condition.

Once you’ve been fitted, we’ll calibrate the equipment to the settings your sleep physician has recommended. The whole process takes about an hour, and once everything is set up, you’ll have 4 weeks to try out the equipment and see how it works for you.

Ongoing Support

Our CPAP machines will record data on your sleep patterns and how effective the treatment is. As the trial proceeds, we’ll download and analyse this data to report back to your doctor. This will allow everyone to monitor how the treatment progresses.

We’ll also provide ongoing support as the trial moves forward. We can assist you over the phone or in-house, and we’ll report your progress back to your doctor.

By the end of the trial, we’ll have a good understanding of how well the equipment and treatment is working for you. If we determine that it’s working, you can then make arrangements to buy or rent a CPAP machine for the long term.

The Cost

A CPAP trial from Sleep and Snore Solutions is $380, including setup, rental and follow-up appointments. We also offer a pensioner discount rate of $280. To learn more, we urge you to contact us today!

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